3D touch probe analog 2007 (waterproof IP67) - Order no. 106000-2MM

General characteristics

The 3D-Tasters of Haff & Schneider features as follows:

  • high measuring accuracy (0,01 mm)
  • rugged design
  • water- and dustproof as per IP 67 (3 meter)
  • protected against impact
  • large way of deflection of the scanning-arm
  • measurement calibration

The new 3D-Taster features some more advantages:

  • screwable stylus
    → prevents dropping out of the stylus through vibration and impacts
  • simple and precise adjustment of radial run-out
    → directly at the bottom of the scanning-arm
  • 1:1 deflection radial to axial
    → therefore just one indicator scale
  • high linearity during radial-deflection
    → therefore suitable for measurement
  • compact design
    → prevents collisions with the workpiece during calipering

Stylus Ø 4 x 31 mm for analog 3D touch probe 2007 ▪ Order no. 107323

 Stylus  mm  Ø 4,0
 Length  mm  31
 Compatible with DIGIGRAPH + Garant 3D-Taster

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